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  1. Heya, I just purchased a LSI SAS 9201-8i to increase internal drive capacity. I noticed it shows up as the same device on both systems, but my main system does not recognize the attached drives. Is something in my configuration stopping it? Any help is much appreciated. I do not believe updating firmware or flashing to IT mode of 9211-8i will do anything. I attempted, but was not able to anyways. It is recognized at boot and the correct amount of disks. It even works in my Windows 10 PC and another test system of very similar config. Main system: Intel DQ77MK Moth
  2. Use the "Nvidia Driver" plugin in Community Applications. On another note, also not seeing live ENC/DEC statistics on 6.9.0-beta35. Verified with "nvidia-smi dmon -s u"
  3. Alright, so i’ve received the mini PCIe card and since I don’t have a mini slot, i’m using a mini PCIe to PCIe adapter. I have it showing up in my PCIe devices: IOMMU group 8: [1ac1:089a] 01:00.0 Non-VGA unclassified device: Global Unichip Corp. Coral Edge TPU Does not show up in VM device options: Also not seeing anything useful in /dev/: Perhaps a custom kernel with drivers? https://coral.ai/docs/m2/get-started#2a-on-linux Getting cheaper in terms of time to return and get the USB version. Anyone have ideas?
  4. Any idea how to get the PCIe version of Google Coral to work with this?
  5. Had to order a mini-pci to pci-e 'cause I didn't even realize that mini pci was a thing...
  6. mine arrives tomorrow and will report back with results!
  7. Anyone get this working with the cheaper Mini PCIE Accelerator instead of the USB Accelerator? A bit worried about figuring out PCIe passthrough to docker container. I checked and my cpu does support VT-d
  8. I too just watched Wolfgang's YT video and want to try this out lol
  9. This is awesome. Maybe I can talk my T1 wife into logging her dexcom/tandem data indefinitely.
  10. I thought I read something somewhere about not being able to run from flash drive. Update definitely fixed it! Happy scripts now, thank you!
  11. Any idea on this issue? I can't seem to get any script to work anymore from CA user scripts in CA backup.
  12. You are correct, I just saw the error: "Start Script /boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/backup/script is not executable" Not sure what has changed since when I originally configured this. Any idea on rectifying? Script is a simple rclone to copy the backed up data to gdrive.
  13. I am unable to modify and save settings. They "apply" button stays gray no matter which settings I changed. I have tried multiple browsers. Any idea besides completely reinstalling plugin?