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  1. Also just checked again with a fresh windows install with direct USB and same issues. I added it to my linux VM and it works, so weird. See both XML's attached, can anyone spot the issue in config? There is no notable difference in the VM logs that I can see. USB Not working: windowsvm.xml USB Working linuxvm.xml
  2. Thanks Testdasi. I've removed the PCI card and plugged in just my mouse and booted with the USB device ticked. No Luck, does not appear in device manager as HID device, pointer device or in devices by connection under USB. See video here: https://www.loom.com/share/13c3f3f4565242fa856fa745f44430f8 What else can i try here? This must be throwing an error in a log somewhere if it's not showing up right? Just don't know where to look.
  3. Hi there, long time Unraid user here & very big fan! After a power outage last week my daily driver win10 VM (thats been working fine for ~2 years) could not see / use any of its USB devices (keyboard, mouse etc). I have a dedicated PCI usb card for the VM to hotplug. So here are the issues that have occured: The PCI usb card no longer appears in the VM screen to assign to a VM (see attached for VM edit screen, can't see it when creating new VM's either.) Strange thing is that the card does appear fine under tools > system devices Now the mouse is appearing in my "USB devices" section whether it's actually not plugged in or not (which it is not). That section also has an "error"? That does not clear. The VM's page and VM settings page load very slowly compared to every other screen in the Unraid UI Things I have tried: - Rebuilding VM from scratch - Restoring backup of VM - Restarting server - Moving the usb mouse and keyboard to the motherboard ports and trying to pass them through. This does not work at all, they do not show up and my list is stuck at the 3 devices shown in the screenshot above. Log is attached, can't see anything of note in there. Any ideas or thoughts to try would be great! Thanks cavstower-syslog-20200422-2214.zip
  4. HI Team, why are you stopping your dockers? When a docker process completes the conainer should stop itself. Also +1 for a scheduled way to start and stop dockers from the interface would be ace!
  5. Hi, I'm using the awesome VMbackup plugin (it's great!👍). I have a questions though, i'd like to compress the files (using the only option Zstandard which seems to give about 30% improvement). However, in testing I can't see a way to extract the .zst file directly on unraid. Tried command line, krusader & cloud commander to no avail. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks @limetech. Ill take a look tomorrow.
  7. Hmm still getting it on the purchase screen https://unraid.net/checkout
  8. Seems a big oversight! I'm just stuck with no Unraid and no response from @limetech.
  9. I've just run out of extensions on Unraid and need to purchase it yet the key purchase site SSL has expired! Not happy to purchase without trusted SSL. Really need to get a key!! Is it just me? Any advice would be good.