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  1. It doesnt shut off actually, it just becomes completly unresponsive. I cannot ping it, nor access gui. I have my parity drive unplugged to see if it still becomes unresponsive just having unraid running and sure enough it does. Even at idle, meaning, containers off, no VM's running, no parity check it still manages to become unresponsive forcing me to hard power off.
  2. attached is the file.
  3. Hello! Recently came into the issue where I ran out of sata ports on my unraid box (specs will be listed below). To get around this I bought the raid controller listed above and installed this into the 1 PCI-E slot on my motherboard. I then bought a 1x - 16x pcie riser to get my GPU into the rig (computer will not post without GPU). I then hooked up some extra drives. Ran great. For about 8 - 16 hours. I was trying to access plex and found the server was off. Went to check, everything is still spinning and lit up its just the server is completly unreachable. This leads to force shutting down the server. Then a flag threw on the parity drive, tried to re-check the drive after the re-boot, about 14 hours in (70% check) it will do the exact same thing. Okay, its the drive that is the issue. Threw in a new parity, went to rebuild and boom 80% in, same exact thing happens. I am now leaving it off until I can go about trouble shooting this. The drives especially when rebuilding can become very hot. If there are any needed log files, I can boot the server back up and grab what is needed.
  4. Running NC in a container with MariaDB and reverse proxy (letsencrypt). I store a ton of pictures and videos (around 600G all on HDD on unRaid). That being said, my video playback on nextcloud is basically unusable. When I click on a 4K video to playback, it will load forever and it will eventually return a 504 bad gateway error and basically crash the container. The server should be able to handle this without an issue in all honesty. I have tried configuring NGINX for longer timeouts, continues to throw bad gateways. I have also tried an app in NC called preview generator. Hasn’t done any good. Haven’t seen this issue too much searching around. What I have found, I have tried and still no positive results.
  5. What I am getting at from your reply is it is not possible to transfer at that speed with my current setup. I would need to by 10GbE cards for the computers that I want transfering at that speed. Why is task manager showing I am sending files at 800+Mbps?
  6. I will include screenshots for a visual example. I am hardwired into my LAN which is capable of gig speeds. That being said, when I transfer a file from my PC to a share, also loacted via a SSD cache drive, it is transfering at 90 to 110MB/s. I just transfered 110gb of files over to the server and it took 20 minutes. My PC was sending around 800Mbps out and the server was recieving about 800Mbps, so that makes sense. At first I thought that it was 110Megabytes per second which would equal 880Mbps - but with that calculation, it should have transfered all of this data in 3.8 minutes - ALMOST a gig a second. Am I missing something here? The SSD cache drive should be transfering data a LOT faster. Here are screenshots Task manager of ethernet on main computer - Task manager of disk drive on main computer - Transfer screen - unRAID network interface - unRAID stats panel -
  7. I have my nextcloud running in a ubuntu VM which has been working well. Everything else I have (plex, radarr, ubiquiti controller, etc...) is running in containers which makes setup very easy. That being said, is it worth it for me to switch over to runnning nextcloud into a container? I am running into issues where the allocated ram will be too much and containers will start to crash. Looking to see what solutions are out there. Also, I am in need of a solid backup solution for the data inside the nextcloud VM. Currently, I have the nextcloud app syncronized to my desktop which I am considering to upload the entirety of data to google drive or something of the sorts.
  8. Hello unRAID community I recently installed Nextcloud through a container and since want to give the VM world a shot with Ubuntu. Currently, I would like to know, that in the future when I run out of storage I will be able to expand the storage capacity on my Ubuntu VM which will also allow more storage on Nextcloud. Before I go through this process, I have Ubuntu running in a VM and I assigned it 50G amount of storage and I am just doing my best to expand the storage before I go and get nextcloud all set up. Let me explain the steps I have completed. 1) Install Ubunu onto VM and install Snap of nextcloud 2) Power down VM and change storage capacity from 50G to 70G 3) Run the command Fdisk - From when I first installed nextcloud, I formatted the entire drive (I would not wanted to have done this if I actually had all of my data on nextcloud. I am currently just trying to get this to actually safely extend the storage.) When I go to format the entire 70G that it says I have available, it only ends up being 50G linux file system. This whole process I am not grasping and I am wondering if there is anyone that has gone through a similar issue/fix to it. GParted needs a GUI that will not launch on Ubuntu to extend the partition. If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong, or a guide to fix this would be great. Thank you all in advance.
  9. Pretty new here. I have ran nextcloud with Ubuntu before with no issues like I am having now. I installed nextcloud through containers and the reverse proxy etc. The time it takes to load/transfer data is very slow. Also, bad gateway error constantly happens when trying to load larger video files. Seems to me the container installation of nextcloud is overall much slower. Any ideas on how to fix/trouble shoot?
  10. Just the title of that forum post sums up exactly what my issue is. Thank you for the reply/link. Just changed both of the reccomendations. Thank you!
  11. Intresting. I attached the .zip file you requested. Update: I went out for a while and yet again the hypervisor is unreachable after a while. I never have an issue while I am actively using the hypervisor, it is when I step away that issues occur.
  12. Hello unRAID community! Day 1 on unRAID, so far so good. This is my first server, hypervisor, homelab so I am doing my best to gain as much knowledge as I can. My question, I have my nextcloud container running with the help of plugins/apps. With the hours I have spent working on the server getting everything to work properly I have had the parity check on my 2TB hdd running. Fast forward an hour later it is 3am and I head to bed. I wake up, hop on the computer and find issues with connecting to the hypervisor. It will just say website unreachable. I then run to the server, fans running like normal seems to be powered on but I cannot connect to it. Okay, I hard reset it, connect to it like normal finally works. I then do some other objectives I had planned, take a couple hour break and come back to find that the drives spun down. It seems to me that the drives are "going to sleep". I cannot figure out why these drives are spinning down when I am not commanding them to spin down. I clicked on the parity drive and found an area that might contain the issue (linked below). I changed the setting from default to never. Will this fix the issue where my drives are spinning down when my computer goes to sleep or could this be an issue in the BIOS on my server. Whatever logs you need, feel free to ask. I am very new to the home lab scene. Thank you in advance!