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  1. Cache was set as a unsecured network share, had to change it back to no export, private.
  2. Disable windows secure boot in bios Make sure EFI folder on USB stick is just named EFI only (no other characters)
  3. I like the ease of use also, moved from synology diskstation to a DIY NAS and had tried OMV first and had a lot of weird bugs hard to use, loving Unraid so far, love the extensive app support also. What I would like is a better interface for the scheduler almost a gui representaion, also I would like to see eventual linux kernel 5+ support as I a using am an intel gemini lake based build. Other than that just polishing and bug fixing.
  4. YES! intel_iommu=igfx_off fixed it for me on Gemini Lake aka j4105 with Unraid 6.8
  5. look at the EFI folder on flash drive if there is a - or ~ in the name rename it so it only says "EFI"