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  1. Curious to know if this LS docker version has moved over to Mylar3. I can't tell from the version listed in the application itself because all I see for the version looks to be a 256 hash. The application site link above, the community apps installer for the LS docker, and in the application itself still point to the original Mylar github page which says development has been stopped and moved to Mylar3. Anyway, I have been planning on wiping my appdata and rebuilding to see if I can fix an issue I've been having and wanted the latest version being developed/supported, so I figured I'd ask. thanks.
  2. I would be willing to purchase it if you still have it for sale. I was actually interested in it a few months ago when you first put it up, but I thought it had been sold from the responses in the thread. If you could get a shipping quote to 27560 that would be great. Thanks.
  3. Quick question (maybe?) about unRAID's configuration after converting an old HDD from ReiserFS to XFS. I have 5 drives that I have had in my system since about 2013 or so, two 3TB and 3 2TB. For the last couple of months I've been contemplating upgrading them because of limited space on two of them and because they are about 5-6 years old. The two 3TB drives are sitting at about 97% capacity and the other three 2TB drives are getting close. I picked up two 4TB drives when they were on sale at Newegg and over the past weekend decided to start swapping them out, but I also decided I wanted to swap the FS so the new drives were XFS instead of ReiserFS. I followed the instructions on the wiki and everything went smoothly from what I can tell. I set up a new 4TB and assigned it as disk11 to keep it separated from the core drive group in the array. I rsynced the files from disk1 to disk11, unassigned disk11 when it finished, changed disk1 to disk11, reassigned disk11 to disk1, changed the FS designations for both drives so they would be detected correctly then started up the array. Array started fine, no issues noted, both drives detected as the right FS. I stopped the array and set drive11 as no device so I could remove the old drive, but unRAID now is erroring stating that there should be a drive in disk11 and with the array started there is an X and "Not Installed" on the drive11 device line. I have one more 4TB to swap out disk2 with, but my question is, is it possible to disable disk11 so that once I'm done swapping drives the system no longer states that a drive needs to be in that slot? If I had realized this would basically be a permanent change, I would have used a slot number closer to the core group, but 1-7 then 11 seems off to me (sorry, minor OCD). I assume that I can create a new config after all is said and done, but wanted to run this by the community for verification from those with more experience than I, and also an possible suggestions on how to resolve this minor issue. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  4. I have deleted the config directory and had the container rebuild it. It's possible that the plugin directory isn't getting created, but I don't have a directory structure to verify with. I did notice that the last few times I tried to delete the config directory that it was not deleting everything and leaving a a few internal directories intact. When I tried to delete them it would tell me that the directory wasn't empty. I couldn't see any hidden files in the directory with Windows, but it's possible a hidden Linux file wouldn't delete, though I didn't see one with an ls command. Ended up having to do a rm -rf of the directory to get rid of it. Thanks.
  5. Deleted the container and image. Deleted the rogue image. Reinstalled the container. Still getting the following error. [18.03.2016 23:38:38] WebUI started. [18.03.2016 23:38:39] Bad response from server: (0 [error,getplugins]) NetworkError: Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load ''. [18.03.2016 23:38:40] Bad response from server: (0 [error,getuisettings]) Seems to occur even whether I install the linuxserver or captinsano container. Thanks.
  6. root@Tower:~# docker ps -a CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 9d2f86e9db9f linuxserver/rutorrent "/sbin/my_init" 23 minutes ago Up 22 minutes>9527/udp,>45566-45576/tcp, 443/tcp,>80/tcp ruTorrent 56ce7053092f linuxserver/sonarr "/sbin/my_init" 2 weeks ago Up 2 hours>8989/tcp Sonarr 7514362f6e99 linuxserver/headphones "/sbin/my_init" 2 weeks ago Up 2 hours>8181/tcp Headphones 8a73ace2ae8e linuxserver/deluge "/sbin/my_init" 2 weeks ago Up 2 hours Deluge d3e4338d28fc linuxserver/couchpotato "/sbin/my_init" 2 weeks ago Up 2 hours>5050/tcp CouchPotato 2f13f318aec9 aptalca/docker-rdp-boinc "/sbin/my_init" 2 weeks ago Up 2 hours 3389/tcp,>8080/tcp RDP-Boinc 8620f1aa9dce linuxserver/mylar "/sbin/my_init" 6 weeks ago Up 2 hours>8090/tcp Mylar 5db3528656be linuxserver/sickrage "/sbin/my_init" 3 months ago Exited (0) 3 months ago SickRage 2ce5fa33fc32 linuxserver/transmission "/sbin/my_init" 4 months ago Up 2 hours>9091/tcp,>51413/tcp transmission 39b759e07f8c needo/sickbeard "/sbin/my_init" 4 months ago Exited (137) 4 months ago SickBeard db6671985ad7 linuxserver/sabnzbd "/sbin/my_init" 4 months ago Up 2 hours>8080/tcp,>9090/tcp SABnzbd 9b8b498c98d1 hurricane/ubooquity "/start.sh" 4 months ago Up 2 hours>8085/tcp Ubooquity root@Tower:~# docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE linuxserver/rutorrent latest f70b0c417072 9 days ago 577.4 MB linuxserver/headphones latest 01d528f98f04 2 weeks ago 848.2 MB linuxserver/couchpotato latest db4b75be1e6b 2 weeks ago 642.4 MB linuxserver/deluge latest 35c511de52b6 2 weeks ago 438.6 MB linuxserver/sonarr latest 7ca3a1772973 2 weeks ago 499.5 MB linuxserver/mylar latest 526ca001354d 6 weeks ago 593.1 MB linuxserver/sickrage latest d17ff62b0989 3 months ago 533.6 MB linuxserver/transmission latest a99bef15eab1 4 months ago 307 MB linuxserver/sabnzbd latest fbd5ba31845b 4 months ago 345 MB <none> <none> dacd34ba0e5a 5 months ago 503.4 MB pinion/docker-mylar latest 0e6da771e09c 5 months ago 361.5 MB hurricane/ubooquity latest ef2cf9ccb52d 6 months ago 533.1 MB aptalca/docker-rdp-boinc latest 2266ab4f603f 10 months ago 625.2 MB needo/sickbeard latest 63f514919721 11 months ago 337.6 MB root@Tower:~#
  7. Try changing /mnt/user/ to /mnt/cache/ for the appdata share Same error.
  8. Screen shot posted below. Noticed your's looks different, but then I saw you were using 6.2 beta. Thanks
  9. Rebooted my system and reinstalled ruTorrent, but it will still not run correctly. Unsure of the problem. Still getting the following error upon starting the container and accessing the webhost. [17.03.2016 18:05:21] WebUI started. [17.03.2016 18:05:22] Bad response from server: (0 [error,getplugins]) NetworkError: Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load ''. [17.03.2016 18:05:22] Bad response from server: (0 [error,getuisettings]) I did notice that when I was reinstalling, I kept seeing that some of the image already was installed: IMAGE ID [f70b0c417072]: Pulling fs layer. IMAGE ID [f7eef3e8d2a5]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [f504bc93666d]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [9e58b20b58ab]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [97b492236f76]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [1e4ce1496f97]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [b3260a41280d]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [a4e1f7d8ab53]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [35100966404c]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [f6953bdb8339]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [6e9b74243288]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [83770ba1bc9a]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [82d40d68893f]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [87c5ffca2485]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [f38bff93c51e]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [497ee53addc1]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [4ede16d1bc02]: Downloading 100% of 32 B. Verifying Checksum. Download complete. Is this normal, or is there a way to delete everything in case something in these pieces, that already exist, is causing the issue? Thanks.
  10. I was on my LAN accessing my server from my gaming computer.
  11. 1. Yes, stopped the container, deleted the config folder on my cache drive, restarted the container to rebuild the config directory and files. 2. appData folder is on the cache drive along with configs for all my other containers. No issue with any of the others that I can see. 3. Removed the docker container as well as the image and reinstalled/pulled. No effect. If no other resolution can be found, I'll reboot the server tomorrow when I get home from work and see if that does the trick. When in doubt, reboot I guess. lol. Thanks.
  12. Deleted and rebuilt. Get the following error again. [16.03.2016 20:54:44] WebUI started. [16.03.2016 20:54:45] Bad response from server: (0 [error,getplugins]) NetworkError: Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load ''. [16.03.2016 20:54:45] Bad response from server: (0 [error,getuisettings]) Thanks.
  13. Looking for clarification on an error I'm getting and was hoping for some help. Initially I was using the captinsano version of the ruTorrent docker, but after it was released by Linuxserver.io I decided to move to that version since all my other dockers are compiled by them. Had everything up and running fine, downloading and seeding files, then the other day we had several days of thunderstorms rolling through. My system had to shutdown, which is fine because I needed to reboot for the 6.1.9 upgrade. Didn't pay any attention till today when I went to add a new torrent and found that all the downloads and seeds I had running were no longer listed and I'm getting the bellow error in the log. [16.03.2016 19:46:32] WebUI started. [16.03.2016 19:46:32] No connection to rTorrent. Check if it is really running. Check $scgi_port and $scgi_host settings in config.php and scgi_port in rTorrent configuration file. Renamed the config directory and restarted the docker to rebuild the config and then got following errors. [16.03.2016 20:06:12] WebUI started. [16.03.2016 20:06:13] Bad response from server: (0 [error,getplugins]) NetworkError: Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load ''. [16.03.2016 20:06:13] Bad response from server: (0 [error,getuisettings]) Application no longer looks like it wants to run correctly. Any clue on resolving this? Thanks.