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Configuration question after converting drive from ReiserFS to XFS.


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Quick question (maybe?) about unRAID's configuration after converting an old HDD from ReiserFS to XFS. I have 5 drives that I have had in my system since about 2013 or so, two 3TB and 3 2TB. For the last couple of months I've been contemplating upgrading them because of limited space on two of them and because they are about 5-6 years old. The two 3TB drives are sitting at about 97% capacity and the other three 2TB drives are getting close. I picked up two 4TB drives when they were on sale at Newegg and over the past weekend decided to start swapping them out, but I also decided I wanted to swap the FS so the new drives were XFS instead of ReiserFS.


I followed the instructions on the wiki and everything went smoothly from what I can tell. I set up a new 4TB and assigned it as disk11 to keep it separated from the core drive group in the array. I rsynced the files from disk1 to disk11, unassigned disk11 when it finished, changed disk1 to disk11, reassigned disk11 to disk1, changed the FS designations for both drives so they would be detected correctly then started up the array. Array started fine, no issues noted, both drives detected as the right FS. I stopped the array and set drive11 as no device so I could remove the old drive, but unRAID now is erroring stating that there should be a drive in disk11 and with the array started there is an X and "Not Installed" on the drive11 device line.


I have one more 4TB to swap out disk2 with, but my question is, is it possible to disable disk11 so that once I'm done swapping drives the system no longer states that a drive needs to be in that slot? If I had realized this would basically be a permanent change, I would have used a slot number closer to the core group, but 1-7 then 11 seems off to me (sorry, minor OCD). I assume that I can create a new config after all is said and done, but wanted to run this by the community for verification from those with more experience than I, and also an possible suggestions on how to resolve this minor issue.


Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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