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  1. I tried the my servers plugin and followed the steps described on the wiki, I figured that this wasn't much for me, so I signed out then uninstalled the plugin. The problem is that when I navigate to the unraid dashboard, I get redirected to the hash.unraid.net URL, how do I disable that?
  2. Thank you, I replaced the cable for the cache drive and it seems to be working fine
  3. My Docker applications stopped responding and gave errors, so I decided to restart the Docker service. Now it will not start again. The docker.log file has some weird errors time="2021-05-15T01:37:31.824854002+02:00" level=error msg="failed to shut down container" container=5737833477bf295c968a386f3a006e88fc5ab3a6d7a4d4ba2916f54f17afcbe5 error="Failed to stop container 5737833477bf295c968a386f3a006e88fc5ab3a6d7a4d4ba2916f54f17afcbe5 with error: Cannot kill container 5737833477bf295c968a386f3a006e88fc5ab3a6d7a4d4ba2916f54f17afcbe5: connection error: desc = \"transport: Error while dial
  4. I did a reboot, and the cache SSD showed up under unassignewd devices, so I assigned it to the cache pool again and everything worked. I invoked mover and it ran without problems.
  5. I know that my cache is too small to be used for a cache for array writes. My media share was set to yes mistakenly and unknowingly, which is most likely what caused it to fill up. My concern right now is to free up space on the cache, but it seems impossible for me to move or remove files from the cache. As for the docker.img, I can't give you a clear answer on that as I didn't know that myself until now. I probably did that about a year ago.
  6. Yes I have two other shares with cache-prefer. Those are just small shares with little data and is not used by any VM or docker container. I am unable to produce SMART results of the cache, tried through the web interface.
  7. Reading from the syslog the cache disk got full this morning without me being aware of it. I notices that my docker containers were acting up, and it appears that it was because the cache disk was full. I stopped all my VMs and docker containers and invoked the mover, however the mover has failed to move any files. Trying to move my files manually, I get errors like this: mv: cannot stat 'path/to/file': Input/output error I can't read anything on the appdata share, I am unable to move or delete any files on the cache. Attached is the full system diagnostics
  8. How do I put files and stuff on a share? I see there are a couple of mountpooints in the template, but I can't figure out how to use them from within the container.
  9. I'm extremely confused. I've set up the mopidy3 image and file path mapping to my music collection. I'm also using the config example file. However, none of my music is in mopidy, but a whole bunch of random music that don't work.
  10. Does anyone know if I can install autodl-irssi to this container?
  11. I love how the flexibility unraid gives, you can add many drives over time, make VMs and docker containers making it useful for so many cases. I'd like to see more official easy to install apps.