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  1. Figured it out, it's my brave browser, it works fine in edge. Guess Im switching back to firefox
  2. I installed a graphics card to build a gaming VM and my docker stopped working, I rebuild the image and that's working but my web terminal isnt working... Where should I start?
  3. I readded plex with no issue, now to add the rest
  4. recreating the img has docker up and running, now to reload the apps
  5. I'm about to go on vacation and would like to get my server up and running before I go. Please give ideas.
  6. is there a way I can back up the docker image and re install docker or would that mess up all my appdata?
  7. doomslayer-diagnostics-20210928-0615.zip
  8. also terminal doesnt work doomslayer-diagnostics-20210927-2218.zip
  9. so I added a graphics card to make a gaming VM and then docker stopped working. doomslayer-diagnostics-20210927-2045.zip
  10. "A non-recoverable error occurred during a database lookup." I assume that is a blocked port like you are stating. Right now I am somewhat bypassing the issue by using apache guacamole to get into my win10VM on the server, in fact this post is from that VM.
  11. So this was working just fine earlier this month, then I noticed my plex transcodeing stopped working so I updated to the latest unraid version so I could use nvidia driver. now I notice my openvpn isnt working anymore. I tried uninstalling the reinstalling (since the docker returned to default settings anyhow... which is weird) and I still cannot connect. all the other services seem to work just fine and I am using pfsense as my router and yes I forwarded 1194, and 9443.
  12. for future reference jellyfin works well and is free, it requires a little annoying setup, but works. I can now watch southpark in canada.
  13. yich, I might as well buy plex pass.
  14. So I notice now that my server is running smoothly that the app section is extremely hard to understand and navigate. Sometimes you load an app and it just works (plex) other times you load an app and it not what you wanted at all (zoneminder). I noticed there is a Myth TV app, but it says it only adds transcode to some other app. I'm wondering if there is an app that can record tv, like myth backend then i can use a myth frontend to display it on a tv (hopefully using a raspberry pi) the other option, I guess, is to pay plex their $120 lifetime fee to get the same feature baked into plex, but I know there are free options like myth