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  1. If you don't know what you're talking about... Don't talk. "Wireless professional" hahahahaha
  2. Whoever decided to push the unfinished v4 to everyone is an asshole. Things are broken and there is no voting at all. THANKS FOR THAT
  3. When updating to 6.9, unraid no longer detects any of my drives on my rr3740a. Everything was working great before. When downgrading, everything is back.
  4. Well, that's unfortunate. I didn't get my $400 worth on that card for sure. I'll create a report. Thanks.
  5. Last night I clicked the upgrade button at the top of the screen, it upgraded fast but when it came back I had no drives. I have a RocketRAID 3740a that shows up and detects all the drives, it also shows in the bios as a device I can boot to, but when I get into unraid none of those drives show up, which is of course my entire array. I didn't notice the Update Assistant, which did tell me a few things to remove, but I did it after the upgrade. This didn't help. Here is my diag, I appreciate any and all help.