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  1. As a matter of fact, I recently installed the Armor protection on my Netgear Orbi and I got the same warning! Not sure what to do now btw, disable the Armor stuff or just "ignore" the error?
  2. From a user who never build a server or used "server" software till a week ago........ I started a week ago and at this moment I have an unRaid server with 4 4TB data drives, an 8TB parity drive, 2 cache ssd's and a M.2 NVMe drive for the VM's, 2 VM's running, auto rsync backups to offsite, installed dockers, auto updates, etc etc........So what I like? Well the fact that a noob like me was able to pull this of.....thx to unRaid!! The flexibility, yet easy to understand, is just.....well awesome! What I like to see added......well bummer..... can't really answer that ri