[SOLVED] LSI 9207-8i SAS controller card using 75w on average?

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Hi All, not sure where to post this. I assume a lot of people here is using LSI 9207-8i to connect hard drives. If you do, please take a look and check out my findings.


Before I installed the SAS Host controller card, my system is running about 45w on average. I have 4 SATA hard drive connected.

Afterward, it is running about 120 w on average.  So the LSI 9207-8i using 75w by itself when it's at idle. I have verified this as I can see all my drives are on standby.


Looking at newegg site for description of LSI 9207-8i,  It claimed "PCI Power (Nominal): 9.8W"



Can someone else have the same card take a look at their system and let me know if yout card is running around 9.8w on average.  Or is there something I am not setting correctly.



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13 hours ago, JorgeB said:

I have some of those, measured power use at about 9w.

Do you recall it was just plug and go? or did you have to tweak some settings? I have a Single SAS cable connected to 4 SATA drives.

Once I did that, it jumped from 45w to 120w usage.


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Most power meter ( or equipment) just report wrong reading, pls ref. active, reactive, and apparent power, you need others meter to verify.

If HBA draw 70w without active cooling, it will burn-out.

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