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GravitySync - Syncing multiple pi-holes


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I'm looking at this now. Following the posted instructions at the github it doesn't say anything about the lack of SSH in the docker.


The dev says it does support docker (reddit), but mine has no SSH. Perhaps I should manually add ssh? Like this.?


# which ssh
# <returns nothing>


ssh pihole docker.png



This is funky

"For both standard and container based Pi-hole deployments, Gravity Sync will run directly on the host OS and not inside of the container image."


So I'd run the curl command just in the normal unRaid command prompt? That seems dodgy.

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You can do that already in a LXC container and I already have an image for that available, currently you have to install it manually but it is working and running on my system just fine. The advantage is that you don't have to change any ports for Unraid because the LXC container has it's own dedicated IP address and you can use keepalived (which is also preinstalled) for high availability, so to speak if one goes down another one automatically will jump in.




The only downside is that you can't download it through the CA App just yet but you can do it manually and the steps on how to do that are pretty easy:

  1. Open up a Unraid terminal
  2. Issue this command in there to download the template:
    wget -O /tmp/lxc_container_template.xml https://github.com/ich777/unraid_lxc_pihole/raw/main/lxc_container_template.xml


  3. Close the Unraid terminal
  4. In the browser navigate to:

    (of course you have to change YourUNRAIDIP to your Unraid IP address)

  5. Make your changes and deploy the image (wait until the done button is displayed)


This will only work if you have the LXC plugin installed and configured properly!


Just make sure to read the README.md in the linked repository, I think I have described everything in there.

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