Use a QNAP TL-D1600S Expansion DAS to expand existing Setup

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I have pretty much reached the limits of my current build in terms of the number of drives it can hold within the case, and have now got several connect via USB (eek!) and so I want to expand my setup further. I'm quite limited due to my MB, but I have found the QNAP TL-D1600S Expansion DAS online and it looks like this would suit my needs perfectly and allow me to expand with room to spare.


It looks like a great enclosure and connects simply to a RAID Card, which they provide along with Cables (SFF-8088). As far as I can tell it looks like it supports JBOD out the box as well.


So I am wondering if this would work with unRAID, if I were to add the Card it comes with (its looks like a regular 8 Port SAS Card) to my existing setup, and the attach the DAS with the SFF-8088 and add a few drives, it should then work? I dont have any other QNAP products so am hoping it does not have to be linked with one.


Has anyone got any experience with this, or done something similar? Likewise, does anyone have any thoughts on a setup like this?


Link to the Product;



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