(Solved) Replace a heating disk

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I am new to Unraid and have only just set up a system. The hardware is almost completely new except for the hard drives which I have recovered from my Synology NAS. These are less than 2 years out and in the Synology never noticed a problem but in unraid one of the data drives is showing a heat problem. The temperature rises to >60° and so I get constant notifications. Can I just stop the array for now, take the drive out and then restart the array until I get my new drive? Will I also not lose any data or vm or whatever?

Thank you.

Screenshot 2021-03-06 at 06.08.16.png

Screenshot 2021-03-06 at 06.15.53.png

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Due to we don't know what data this disk hold, so can't accuracy advice. A first simple method was spin down the disk by click on its green circle to spin down it.


Then keep track does disk will wakeup again, but array read or write will wake disk up.

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Thanks for the quick answer and yes it wakes up again! I also have seen now that the other disks are hotter then before.

Maybe a fan problem in the case?

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If you take out disk1, then disk1 will in emeluate state and if one more disk failure then you will lost protection. If later, you insert a disk then it will rebuild it.


BTW, its not disk issue, its cooling issue, parity disk also in high temperature and others also in mid high, pls fix it first.

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