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[Q] High water drive balacing - when does it spill? can you manually force a spill or balance?

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Hey all,

New to unraid.

Been previously using drive in pairs and manually syncing data between them, I guess in a sense manually preventing use/spinup

I have since moved to unraid which looks great consolidating a few of my pc's & drives.

Basically have 6 x 3TB with 2 in parity at the moment with 2 in disks, with 2 more to add to the array once I have finished the transfer back to the array.

What i have been reading so far is that high water is fine as the default.

I am currently in the process of transferring data back to the array before adding those disks to the array.

I have been unable to find at what % utilization does the storage drive spill to the next drive?

I am currently seeing drive 1 at 91%

The other drive is now at 12%

Can you force a manual spill if its over a defined amount?

Can you set at what % it spills?

I ask mainly as the critical drive utilization percent is 90% in the settings yet as above my drive says 91 so am wondering if I have to force it for the rest to balance


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9 hours ago, Squid said:

Unraid never balances or moves files around for you.  You'd probably want to use the Unbalance app for that.


Thanks for that.

I managed to get unbalance on and working, pushing a good 20% off the first disk for now.

Once I add the 3rd disk ill do some more movement.


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