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RAM question??

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8 hours ago, squirrellydw said:

I currently have 16gbs of memory, two 8gb sticks.  I want to upgrade to 32gbs.  Would it be better to get two more 8gb sticks or or buy two 16gb sticks?


Also If I buy two 16gb sticks is there any issue using that along with the 16 I already have?


Here is my mobo







Your MoBo supports up to 64GB UDIMM or 128GB RDIMM and is an Intel-Platform - so buy additional 2x16GB and add it to your MoBo. This gives you 48GB RAM total and is working without problems.

Beware: The new RAM must have the same Specs (UDIMM/RDIMM, Timings, ECC/NonECC) like the existing one.

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