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Wrong UPS settings?

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I just got myself a new APC UPS. Way over my needs, my Unraid barely uses below 10% of its capacity.
And still today I had the power cut off, maybe for 4 minutes, and as it seems Unraid power off was initiated.
I expected the UPS to hold it on for at least 20 minutes before initiating shut down.
At least it was not an unexpected shutdown forcing it into a very long parity check.
I just wish I could do something to prevent that in the future.
I attached a screenshot of my UPS settings.


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You have "Time on battery before shutdown" set to only 10 seconds.  I suggest you try 180 or 300 seconds. 


It's great that you have lots of potential runtime, but you should always aim to keep that in reserve.  Firstly, it avoids excessive depletion of the batteries - that helps them to last longer.  Secondly, if you had another power failure not long after the first, you want the server to be able to shut down a second time without errors.  If you had already run the batteries quite low they probably would not have recharged enough to guarantee a second safe shutdown.  For this reason, the "Battery level to initiate shutdown" setting is probably best set to something like 60% or even more.


The actual values you adopt will depend on your own risk factors.  How frequent are power failures at your location, and how long do they typically last?  Would a forced parity check after an unclean shutdown cause other usage issues?  Do you have good backups of your data?  (Remember that Unraid is a protection mechanism - it is not a backup in itself. )   

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