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Cross Server BTRFS backups?

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There's some info here on how btrfs snapshots and send/receive work, difference is there it's sending locally, to send changes to another server you'd use for example:


btrfs send -p /mnt/data/old_snaphot /mnt/data/new_snaphot | ssh root@ip "btrfs receive /mnt/backups"


There's no GUI support, so you have to use the console or a script.

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1 minute ago, Jaster said:

but I still need a full snapshot on the source server?


Initial snapshot need to be sent in full to the dest server:


btrfs send /mnt/data/1st_snaphot | ssh root@ip "btrfs receive /mnt/backups"


After that you send only the changes:


btrfs send -p /mnt/data/1st_snaphot /mnt/data/2nd_snaphot | ssh root@ip "btrfs receive /mnt/backups"


and so on.



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18 hours ago, Jaster said:

so on the first server I have the data, the initial snapshot and one delta?



18 hours ago, Jaster said:

or can I get rid/avoid the initial duplicate/snapshot on the source server?

No, but before you change that data that it refers to snapshots don't take any space.

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