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Unraid report disk errors, are drives toast?

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I have built some server for me and am using SAS Seagate drives with LSi controller. Unraid is reporting errors after it does parity build, just in last % of the process. Up to 98% it shows no errors and then gets all in picture in last few %.


Also i have tried rebuilding a few times and sometimes one drive shows these errors and next time it doesnt.


Can someone explain is these errors "bad" or they are just i/o recovered errors and are ok?



Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 13.52.22.png


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Stoked for fast answers, thank You Jorge and Simon. Already installed sg3_utils in Nerd Pack under apps and checked all disks, yes type 2 protection. Now put all 8 to format with


sg_format --format --fmtpinfo=0 /dev/sdX

Where X is drive letter


Will take some day to complete


Thanks again!

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I can report all issues to be gone now. Disks are fixed, no more errors. Whats pretty cool is that also there is speed penalty while disks are Type 2 Formatted. Before it took 8+ hours to do parity build, but now it took 6 hours.


Thanks guys!



Screenshot 2021-04-15 at 14.01.25.png

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