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[6.8.3] not able to enter into web gui [SOLVED]

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Hi everyone


currently I am struggeling trying to access my unraid server via the network. when I enter the ip address into the browser it only shows that the connection was denied


further then that I used to see my drives in /mnt/ but now they are gone.


something happened to my unraid server but I really do not know what it is - from one day to the other it stopped working.


every hint would be really great! I really cannot tell what would be helpful to have a closer look at the issue...




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issue resolved
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tried different port but still the same issue - Back then I used another flash drive but when I try to put any version on it it says "This Flash device is blacklisted. Please chose another Flash device for Unraid." Therefore I am going to buy a new flash drive tomorrow


Maybe in addition to the previous one: When I started a fresh installed unraid it said a lot of times "cannot create directory ........ : input/output error" probably the root cause is here the corrupted flash drive too

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You set up a new stick from scratch, or set up a new stick and copied the files over from the original?


Asking because I haven't seen this before

Apr 16 19:59:32 Tower root: modprobe: FATAL: Module md-mod not found in directory /lib/modules/4.19.107-Unraid


And also because there's an FSREC file in the flash that is created by a filesystem check when the system has completely lost track of a file...

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oh sorry for that - I put on my latest backup of my config on it - so the diagnostics of above are of my latest unraid config


below I set up a stick from scratch and run die diagnostics program - even here I had the issue that it said:


Starting diagnostics collection... mkdir: cannot create directory /boot/logs : Input/output error


This happened to me not only with a freshly setup one but also with my latest backup of config


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I really cannot get over it but it worked - on fortunately my mainboard has only USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 so I had to deal with that but I worked while it was connected to the USB 3.0 port. 


So but since I now changed the flash drive I need to register it... unfortunately it did not work only loading the old config of my unraid server and will need now a new key. is it possible to get via the forum a new registration key or need I to use the contact formula? --> https://unraid.net/contact


thank you squid!!!

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