10Gbe checklist, need help verifying

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Ok, after much research, I've come to this list. This is not necessarily the most "budget optimized, ebay hunter" list, I know. I will be getting soon a 10Gbps WAN fiber from my new ISP/location, hence the upgrade for my NAS at first.


  • Mikrotik CRS309-1G-8S+INL : 8x SFP+, 1 RJ-45 mgmt. It has passive cooling, a must-have for office use. Netgear's XS708T are reviewed as silent but a lot of people's feedback says the pitch is not suited for office use, so bybye Netgear. I choose this over the 5 port cousin for futur proofing, when 10G becomes standard and everything is 10G, including my futurs NASes and PCes.
  • Mikrotik S+RJ10 SFP+ to 10gbe RJ-45 transceiver for my ISP router 10G connection. Chosen because it's listed in the compatibility list, same brand, and available at the same retailer
  • Mikrotik DAC SFP28 cable : same reason as above, listed as compatible, not too expensive even new and available at the same retailer


Now for the NIC, I've seens different things. Which one do you recommend ? Any compatiblity issues with the DAC cable ? With Unraid drivers ?


  • INTEL X520-DA2 (eBay)
  • MELLANOX Connect-X3 (eBay)
  • MELLANOX Connect-X2 (eBay)
  • ASUS XG-C100F (new)
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11 minutes ago, Marco L. said:
  • MELLANOX Connect-X3 (eBay)
  • MELLANOX Connect-X2 (eBay)

Have several of these with the same switch, both single and dual port, they work great with DAC or fiber patch, and are pretty cheap.

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7 hours ago, JorgeB said:


have you any chance to use these cards with SR-IOV? i have ConnectX-2 and thinking of upgrade to get SR-IOV capabilities for my VMs.

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8 minutes ago, uldise said:

have you any chance to use these cards with SR-IOV?

Sorry no, not something I need for now, though I might look into that in the future.

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