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Disk errors resulting from LSI expansion card and UEFI+Legacy boot settings

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Yeah I switched over to a different motherboard and everything seemed good initially.  But Now I'm getting a read errors where one of disks automatically got disabled.  I've attached diagnostics.   I stopped the array which took a very long time.  Advice on what went wrong and how to proceed would be greatly appreciated



I rebooted the system to change a UEFI boot setting back to see if that caused an issue with my LSI sata expansion card.  It seems like everything to card is having issues.






So I'm fairly certain my issue was from disabling legacy boot mode on my motherboard.  On my other motherboard, doing that just let me bypass the LSI boot screen to speed up my overall boot time.   I'll leave this post up for the off chance someone else encounters the same issue.


Is it likely that some of my data got corrupted?  Before I was able to shut the array down, there a small of write activity to each of the disk?   unRAID also seemed to be attempting sector fixes to the other disks based on what the "fix common problems" app was telling me.



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Yes, it was a problem with LSI, it kept resetting:


Apr 17 13:38:11 NAS-NG kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: fault_state(0x2622)!
Apr 17 13:38:11 NAS-NG kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: sending diag reset !!
Apr 17 13:38:12 NAS-NG kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: diag reset: SUCCESS


But strange that booting UEFI would cause this, I have no issues with that. might not be the reason, unless it's some BIOS bug.

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