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Not quite sure the root cause here but could use some help

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So been having a few issues since upgrading unraid a week or so ago and deleting all docker image files and reinstalling all dockers fresh helped quite a bit but ive still got a few issues i could use help with


so the issues are:


Var/log is full and have no idea how to fix it i found the command to see whats causing it but have no idea what to do now and how to fix it but the data is down below

also my sonarr wont let me add anything new but works fine on things already added previously 

since the update my mover has been acting funny as well 


idk if any of this is connected or if theres an order to which i should fix this but any help would be very much appreciated





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2 hours ago, Squid said:

Disabling logging from mover will help (Settings - Scheduler, Mover Schedule)


And it looks like you should recreate your docker.img https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-docker-faq/#comment-564309

OK i did both of those and im still having the same issues where Fix Common Problems is saying my sys log is full and sonarr still wont let me add new things to it

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