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[Solved] BIOS does not find proper hardware configuration

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Folks, i have x10 data disks, x1 parity, x1 cache in my existing setup. Now i’m adding a new 6tb data disk (same as parity). When i add the physical disk (power & sata) then reboot, at the ‘detecting’ line i get a very long pause and the statement “BIOS does not find proper hardware configuration”. Boot stops there. But if i remove the sata cable from the new disk & reboot, all is fine.


Can anyone suggest why UnRaid cant handle my new disk ????



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I suspect this is a BIOS problem and nothing to do with unRaid.   How are the disks connected?    You may want to find a setting that stops them being treated as potentially ‘bootable’ as some BIOS’s get upset if they find too many - and I seem to remember 12 being the magic number that if you exceed can trigger this behaviour.

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6 of the disks are straight into the motherboard.

Two expansion cards each host another 4 disks.

So theoretically i can host 14 disks.


You gave me an idea.  If there is indeed some limit on 12 disks, then what if i temporarily disconnect one of my existing disks, and then plug in my new disk ??

But that didnt work either - it threw the same BIOS error.

So i unplugged my new disk, re-connected my other disk, and all is well.


I realise its gonna be my BIOS not UnRaid, but i wondered if any of you guys had seen this before 🙂


I'm gonna go do some Googling around my MB/BIOS (Asus Z170-K).

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