Red dot next to a drive

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Jun 23 03:12:32 Tower kernel: quiet_error: 9224 callbacks suppressed

Jun 23 03:12:32 Tower kernel: Buffer I/O error on device md15, logical block 101335245

Jun 23 03:12:36 Tower last message repeated 9 times Jun 23 03:12:38 Tower kernel: quiet_error: 5 callbacks suppressed

Jun 23 03:12:38 Tower kernel: Buffer I/O error on device md15, logical block 101335245

Jun 23 03:12:40 Tower last message repeated 9 times

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5 hours ago, mickeykelley said:

posted this in ver 6 and I am still on 5

Moved to correct subforum


On 6/22/2021 at 3:56 PM, mickeykelley said:

I just had a red dot appear next to one of the drives on the main menu.  I have stopped the array and rebooted the server and brough it back on line.  I CAN access the files on that drive but the red dot is still there.  What should I do next?

This indicates a disabled disk and since it is emulated you can still access its data.


5 hours ago, itimpi said:

If you are using UnRaid v5 then the file system type must be reiserFs and the tool to use is reiserfsck.   On v5 it needs to be run from the command line.

Filesystem check isn't the way forward for a mountable disabled disk.


Zip your syslog and post it. Also post the SMART report for that disk. Might be useful to know more about your other drives also since their health may affect rebuilding the disabled disk. How many disks do you have? Do you know if they are all in good health?


V6 makes it much easier to get us all the necessary information, and makes it very simple to see if Unraid thinks your disks are in good health.

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You still didn't answer the question about your hardware, but based on the screenshot you just posted, especially with the read errors next to disk4, I think you are in a precarious state. My gut reaction is to tell you to make sure everything currently on the array that is of value is backed up elsewhere, before you start mucking around and possibly making the situation worse. I see from your browser tabs you are looking at new drives, I think that's for the best.


Ideally you should probably build another box and copy the data without disturbing the current server. I'm betting your current setup isn't going to be happy running V6.

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