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Overview: Support thread for Funkwhale all in one in CA

Application: Funkwhale - https://funkwhale.audio/

Docker hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/funkwhale/all-in-one


This is not my docker, nor am I involved in the project. I will do what I can to help. I made this template, so the docker can be installed via Community Applications.






1. Change "FUNKWHALE_HOSTNAME" to your funkwhale instance if using reverse proxy.

2. Change "NESTED_PROXY" to "1" if using behind a reverse proxy.

3. Set your existing music library for /music. Note, if uploading music via Funkwhale, it will do so at the /data location.

4. Press apply.


Wait for container to install, and start. Can take a while.


5. Open console at top of screen.

6. In console, run command "sudo docker exec -it Funkwhale-all-in-one manage createsuperuser" Follow instructions to set up the admin account.

7. Login to funkwhale, go to Library under "add content", and create a library. Click the "details" button on your newly created library and get the library ID from the URL bar. It will look similar to the format of: b8756c0d-839b-461f-b334-583983dc9ead.


To import existing music, for file structures similar to ./Artist/Album/Track.mp3. Change "$yourlibraryID" in commands to your library ID from URL bar.


8. In console, run following commands:

For mp3 - "sudo docker exec -it Funkwhale-all-in-one /usr/bin/python3 /app/api/manage.py import_files $yourlibraryID "/music/**/**/*.mp3" --in-place --async"


For flac - "sudo docker exec -it Funkwhale-all-in-one /usr/bin/python3 /app/api/manage.py import_files $yourlibraryID "/music/**/**/*.flac" --in-place --async"


Type "yes" when prompted.


9. To add existing music to library, go to Content, under "Upload third-party content in a library" choose "Get Started".

10. Click "Upload", in next page, scroll down. You should see your existing library. To import it all, click "Import".

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The UI looks cool, but the whole process is kind of a pain. I try to find a good music streaming solution, but this seems to be kind of a hard task.
My question to this whole funkwhale stuff... do I need to create a container for each person that wants to use their own library @ home? I mean I would like to share music library with my girlfriend and just tell here, here are your credentials and thats the domain. Does she need an own container? Also would we have to sync via commands everytime, after adding more files via NFS?
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