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  1. Overview: Support thread for Funkwhale all in one in CA Application: Funkwhale - Docker hub: This is not my docker, nor am I involved in the project. I will do what I can to help. I made this template, so the docker can be installed via Community Applications. Instructions: Installation. 1. Change "FUNKWHALE_HOSTNAME" to your funkwhale instance if using reverse proxy. 2. Change "NESTED_PROXY" to "1" if using behind a reverse proxy. 3. Set your existing musi
  2. Hi, Have this installed now, and just trying to set up the reverse proxy for it. When I got to the address I made, or try to use the IP address for it, I get this screen. Is there a setting in I am missing possibly? I am using swag, and cloudflare for reverse proxy Sent from my Redmi 8 using Tapatalk
  3. NP, good luck. Hope it works! Sent from my Redmi 8 using Tapatalk
  4. Hey @TechMed Attached is my setup for "Root Folder" in readarr. It is the location where your books are stored, as you set it in the docker settings when installing. I have attached my settings too. So you will be looking for the "/books" as your path. For indexers, and download clients, you can hit the "test" button when adding them, to test the connection works with settings you have installed. Any problems, feel free to DM me, and I will help with what I can.
  5. Thank you for posting this. I have been sitting here for a few hours, trying to figure this out! My calibre can now see my existing library, and is importing, author by author. On that note, I have just got readarr installed, and working. It has settings to link to calibre. How would I go about linking them, when I tried what it said, it didn't work. Because at the moment, readarr sends completed books to /mnt/user/media/eBooks/books/ and into each author's subfolder. So to put into calibre, I currently have to manually do each folder for each author. Would like them to
  6. Hey, So update on my java permission problem. Not sure if it was an AMP update, or me finally going to 6.9.2, but I can now start worlds fine. Only problem is now seeing it on the network. I will try look into that this weekend. Direct connect doesn't work show it, neither does scanning. I am also interested in Swag reverse proxy setup. I will have a play this weekend with that too. Sent from my Redmi 8 using Tapatalk
  7. FYI, this was on the cubecoders discord overnight my time. Will try see if this was causing my problem over the weekend Sent from my Redmi 8 using Tapatalk
  8. Hmmm, ok. So I restarted the docker, still same issue. Then I restarted the server. Still same issue. Even tried deleting it, all data, and reinstalling it. Still doing the same thing.
  9. Have had a read back over the posts here again. Saw about changing permissions possibly in Krusader due to being denied access when go into the appdata from a Windows PC. I am being denied access when try that, but can't seem to change permissions from Krusader. What would be the commands I need in command line to change it?
  10. Hi, So java is showing as 11 (openjdk)[system default]. I am using an AMP key. Have attached the screenshot of what comes up. Here is the console output: main/INFO 19:58:09 Environment: authHost='', accountsHost='', sessionHost='', servicesHost='', name='PROD' main/FATAL 19:58:09 Failed to start the minecraft server Console 19:58:09 java.lang.RuntimeException: java.nio.file.FileSys
  11. I may be having a too tired moment, but I have got this installed, and able to login with the webui. I am trying to run minecraft on it. When I try to even set up a vanilla world, making no changes to the config, I get the error of "minecraft stopped within 5 seconds of starting", and saying due to java. I didn't change much in the install, just added my own password, mac address, and my license. Am I missing something simple?
  12. So have been having an issue, when I have been downloading with NZBget, and it moves to my media share, Plex will freeze trying to scan files. I have to restart Plex to get it to load new files, and run ok. If I stop NZBget, Plex will run ok for about an hour, then freeze again. It causes issues watching things on the same network, and also people remotely can struggle to even see the content. Log file attached Plex Log.txt
  13. Have this installed, and a vanilla world running, thank you for this. Just wondering, if anyone has got any FTB packs running? If so, how? The world I want to run won't start, and tried to follow guides about MineOS, but they are for the Turnkey version.
  14. Ahhh, was going off memory, and for some reason thought you had said it was something for a future UUD. Sorry for the confusion
  15. Looking good! I have started playing with Varken a little for when 1.5 drops. Really hope you can get an Nvidia panel or 2 working to show load, etc, for things like hardware transcoding in Plex. Or Folding at Home using those GPU's too....