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  1. Having issues trying to do Stoneblock 2 again. Have followed the other posts in here, but when I install the container, it doesn't download any proper files. Then when I try to restart it, it says needed files are missing
  2. Thank you! I have done the same, and working fine now!
  3. Hey, could you please see if you could add MC War Thanks
  4. Have got postgresql15 installed. Have filled in the superuser, and password. But when I try to login via console, or connect with pgadmin4, it says the password is incorrect. I have tried a few times. Am I just being dense, or could there be a reason?
  5. Thank you so much! Installing it now. You are awesome!
  6. Hey, The kids learned about Pixelmon, and are requesting that. Is it possible to add that? Thanks
  7. Awesome, thank you so much! Will be great to play this with the kids via home server. Glad FTB is easy.
  8. Hey, Just wondering what other servers you have on your list to make, and if you have an idea when they will be added? Is there anything we can do to help make them too? Happy to try help if I can. Thanks
  9. Hi, I have the CSMM-7DtD installed, and set up. I followed the guide at: When I try to go to I can access the page, but when I click "sign in" it says "this site can't be reached". I have tried settings as both https, and http. There is probably something simple I am missing. I am using nginx. Any idea on what I missed? Thanks
  10. Awesome, thank you! Sent from my Redmi 8 using Tapatalk
  11. Hey, Do you have any plans for other packs? Would love to see, if possible, Stoneblock 2, Pixelmon, and something Galacticraft based. Thanks
  12. Hi, Sorry have a newborn, missed your message. No, only one container needed, you can create user for each person using it. The commands are for syncing the libraries, the only thing you would have to do after adding more music is go to library, and press import button Sent from my Redmi 8 using Tapatalk