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  1. So have been having an issue, when I have been downloading with NZBget, and it moves to my media share, Plex will freeze trying to scan files. I have to restart Plex to get it to load new files, and run ok. If I stop NZBget, Plex will run ok for about an hour, then freeze again. It causes issues watching things on the same network, and also people remotely can struggle to even see the content. Log file attached Plex Log.txt
  2. Have this installed, and a vanilla world running, thank you for this. Just wondering, if anyone has got any FTB packs running? If so, how? The world I want to run won't start, and tried to follow guides about MineOS, but they are for the Turnkey version.
  3. Ahhh, was going off memory, and for some reason thought you had said it was something for a future UUD. Sorry for the confusion
  4. Looking good! I have started playing with Varken a little for when 1.5 drops. Really hope you can get an Nvidia panel or 2 working to show load, etc, for things like hardware transcoding in Plex. Or Folding at Home using those GPU's too....
  5. Yea, I let it go hard on all cores because gets more work done. Have a tower cooler on it at least. Can't wait for 6.9 so I can see temps....hopefully
  6. Hopefully this week I will be able to upgrade a drive as case is full lol
  7. Have managed to follow @GilbN's guide from page 1, and have it mostly up and running, it looks great! Only things not showing are "system temps", and "system power". I am running a Ryzen 3600 on Nvidia Unraid 6.8.3 though. Screenshot added to make people cringe at how full my drives are
  8. There is one you can set up for "buymeacoffee". With how many hours you put into this, you may need a few, or whatever your equivalent is
  9. Cool, have done so now. Looking forward to 1.4 coming this week, and finding out all the stuff I have to sort out! Also look forward to seeing a couple of things in it, and how it reacts to system changes
  10. Sweet, thanks. Will wait then for 1.4. Can anything be installed ready for it, or wait to do the whole thing once it's up?
  11. This looks so good. The 1.4 update looks great. Also can't wait for 1.5 from the sounds of the features in it. Will give it a go to install some time over the next few days. Will probably come back here for some help with it all as I haven't done this type of stuff before.
  12. I like how I can add a drive whenever I buy one, add it to the array, and it expands. Would like to be able to see my temps on my Ryzen 3000 series CPU