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48 disk netappDS4486 - unassigned devices, what to format them all as?

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Initially I formatted them all as NTFS as I do have windows machines, but I do also have linux machines as well. I was thinking maybe XFS may be better. I'm basically storing data on them and then not much else after that will be written to them. Figured I would get some input before filling them all and having it essentially be too late to change.

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30 minutes ago, JonathanM said:

How valuable is the data, and how many copies of any particular piece of data will there be anywhere you can access?



The data isn't terribly valuable, so loss is acceptable if there is an immediate failure. The drives will be accessed all the time.

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Great! I'll have to look at the documentation to see how the pooling works, flexibility, etc.... Ideally, I'd like to add to the pool if necessary or even remove a disk if I have a failure without "destroying" the pool. Different drive sizes would be nice, but I suppose it wouldn't be the end of the world if they had to be the same size as long as I could remove a failed/failing drive and shrink the pool with just a loss of data on the one disk.

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