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How to unmount rar2fs?


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I followed this guide to test rar2fs: https://www.reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/2pxx9e/rar2fs_install_guide_linux/


Mount: rar2fs -o allow_other /path/to/folder/with/rared/media /path/to/mount/point

Unmount: fusermount -u /path/to/mount/point



I didn't reflect over the fact that unmounting is a whole other program and rar2fs only can mount itself but not unmount istelf, so didn't test the fusemount command before mounting. 

fusermount is a command that doesn't exist in unraid.
So now I'm stuck with the mount, and it really messes up things when trying to remove files/directories or reorder stuff. 

So...how do I unmount it? 

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I have not. Deleting the share fixed it though. 


None of them are really solutions I like. As I would like to use rar2fs for certain things, and unmount it when needed. 


I'll create a trash share and mount again on there and see if the mount disappear when rebooting or if the mount is saved in some config file off-RAM, when I get the possibility to reboot. 

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