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unRAID Server Version 5.0-rc16c stuck at loading kernel portion of script

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Years back I built a unRAID server using Version 5.0-rc16c booting off a USB stick.

I forgot all about it, until I recently realized that I have some photos stored there I would like to retrieve.

When I booted the server, the computer recognized all hard drives and booted off the USB without issues.

Then it got stuck on the loading kernel portion of the loading script. This also happens when I boot into the safe mode.

Any idea how I can retrieve the data from the server?

I just need the server up long enough to retrieve the data.

Thanks a whole bunch in advance!

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Thanks for so much for the info!

That will definitely help.


However, I would like to keep the file structure if possible so I don't have to spend hours re-sorting the files.

Is there any way to get the file structure from the USB stick and recopy the OS so it will boot with file structures intact?


Just FYI, I still have the copy of the key file but I don't have the access to the old unRAID version 5.0 files.

It doesn't seem like old releases are posted at the download section; maybe they are posted somewhere else?

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