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Preclear best practices


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Hi All,


What are the best practices for preclearing a drive in unRAID?


ie. Which operation to choose, and how many cycles to run?

Would you use different options for new drives as opposed to 2nd hand drives?


So far I have been using "Erase and Clear the Disk", running it for 3 cycles.

Is this sufficient, or is it overkill?


The reason that I ask, is that I have just run the preclear on a 6TB disk, and 1 cycle of "Erase and Clear the Disk" took 48 hours ...





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It seems like most people do one or two cycles.  If I have time, I do two.  About half of my drives I do one cycle.  An 18TB takes about 1.5 days for one cycle.  I use default settings as shown below.  Usually I am doing new drives, so I pick "clear" (not erase and clear).  But I am not too sure about it, so I hope you get some replies.


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