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  1. Thanks @testdasi The VM is a Home edition, so I cannot used RDP. I tried VNC Viewer (VNC Viewer 6.19.325), but this did not work either. Is there anything special that I need to configure to get it to work? TIA
  2. Hi All, I am new to unRAID and am having an issue with copying and pasting text into an unRAID Windows 10 VM. My VM is set up and running fine. I can't seem to copy text, from another Windows machine that is connected to the VM via a VNC session. If I copy the text and try and paste it into the VM session, nothing appears. Is there a special trick to get this to work? TIA
  3. Hi All, If I have an Unraid array with the following configuration: Parity 3TB Disk 1 2TB Disk 2 500GB What would the first High Water mark be: 1.5TB (3TB/2) or 1TB (2TB/2)? ie. I am trying to understand if the parity drive's capacity is part of the calculation. Thank you.