Docker Dependencies for auto-start

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So I understand that we have "wait" and also can organize docker containers from top to bottom for auto-start priority, but is there a way we can add in dependencies?
For instance, I don't want my Wordpress container to start until after I'm sure that my MariaDB container is running. Or for Sonarr/Radarr, I don't want them up and running until my download container is good.

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You can turn off auto start for the downstream dependencies and script their startup manually.


@Squid had a great container startup management tool with dependency checking that was plowed under when the OS introduced wait and ordering natively. Yes, I'm still bitter about that.🙂


So many of his superior implementations get tossed aside when the OS introduces a watered down version of the same functionality.

3 hours ago, itimpi said:


I am not sure how you could tell that a container had finished starting up in any reliable manner.

Query the service in question from the command line. for example if you telnet to port 3306 if the mariadb is running it will spit out some version info and close the connection. If no response, it's not running.

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