Re: - a new utility to burn-in and pre-clear disks for quick add

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9 minutes ago, geekazoid said:

If someone abandons a fork, just start a new one.

Plugins due to their nature of always running as root have a very high risk factor.  Without a support commitment from whomever takes over, the general recommendation (admittedly not universal) is to not install them.  But, I am aware of two separate discussions regarding new projects to replace this.  Whether or not something comes of it remains to be seen.

11 minutes ago, geekazoid said:

looks like someone has done this, per a reddit post I just saw)

Not a fork.  Rather a hack which has the net result of technically installing an incorrect version of a support file with possible unknown consequences.

15 minutes ago, geekazoid said:

Regarding ownership, is there a license?

Copyright 2015-2017, gfjardim


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31 minutes ago, Squid said:

But, I am aware of two separate discussions regarding new projects to replace this.

Nice!  Time for me to dig around as I'd like to subscribe to these.


The ability to detect early bathtub failure, to stress check used drives, and to fully wipe/stress decommissioned drives is very important. 


The preclear script, then plugin, and now (sadly) back to the script has been my preferred method for many years now!

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1 hour ago, geekazoid said:

Regarding ownership, is there a license? If there is none, its public domain. It doesn't matter who is mad about it, that's how it works. Copyright is not retroactive. Anyone can modify it with nothing more than a line of credit in the code, and that is but a courtesy of convention with things like bash scripts.

I think the main concern from the original author of the script was really more about people other than him taking responsibility for any modifications they made. And in some sense that problem never went away, with people asking for plugin support on the script thread and vice versa. Probably some of those old threads should just be locked.

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On 12/9/2008 at 3:02 PM, Joe L. said:

That is a long-term goal, although I would put it on its own plug-in page.  The biggest issue is the display of progress as it performs the clear.  I am taking advantage of a feature of the "dd" command to get its status when writing to the drive.  I would need to re-write that section.


Then, I would need a way to start, and stop the process from the web-browser, and a way to get the periodic update of status as it progresses.  I know I don't want to submit a task and wait 200+ hours for the browser to return...  ;)


First I just want to make sure it is doing the correct "pre-cleared" signature, and not creating a black-hole somewhere in the universe.  ;) 


Before I tackle anything else, I need to get the next version of unmenu.awk out published.  bjp999 recently added a bit of logic and figured out how to get it to POST to a plug-in as well as GET.  I've added that to the next version, along with a few fixes.

(non-geek translation... unmenu.awk can now handle more complicated data entry forms)


Glad you like unmenu.awk.  It certainly is turning out to be interesting. 


Joe L.


Hi, could you please tell me the difference between the preclear docker here and the preclear plugin I can find in community apps?

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5 hours ago, sunbear said:


Hi, could you please tell me the difference between the preclear docker here and the preclear plugin I can find in community apps?

Basically, this script is the foundation for all of the other preclear scripts.  However, @Joe L. has stopped supporting this version and is only an occasional visitor to the forum these days.  (And I, for one, miss him!)  This script no longer works unless you patch it.  (And I am not really sure if the patched version will function with the latest releases!)  The history of the Preclear script(s) since Joe L. stopped supporting it is a convoluted one.  Using Joe L.'s script is a short course in command line Linux and using the Linux environment.  Back, when I used it, I had a series of cheat sheets to follow so that I set everything up correctly. And most of the time I ran it from the Console.  The other option was to use TELNET and setup screen on the Unraid. 


Personally, I believe that the Preclear Docker is the one to use.  The Preclear Plugin seems to get broken with virtually every new version of Unraid.  Running the preclear script in a Docker is the poster child for why the Docker system was added to Unraid.  Docker eliminates all dependencies on the underlying Unraid OS.  Unfortunately, the Docker requires that basically one uses the script from the command line while the Plugin uses a GUI wrapper to 'hide' the underlying script.  This seems to scare a lot of folks but there is a Tutorial Guide in the second post of the Docker support thread that should allow anyone who can type to use it.  And the Docker very effectively sets up the proper Linux environment for the preclear script to operate transparently to the casual Linux user. 

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