New to unRAID looking for help - new build, will it work?


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Hi there,


I had recently tried running unRAID on my existing hardware and found that the CPU doesn't support VT-d.


So I was thinking of building a new machine.

My goal is to be able to run 2 separate Win 10 VMs for gaming (myself and my wife) and a few docker apps (plex etc)


This is my PC part picker list i went through and all looks ok to me. but not sure if it will all be sweet for GPU pass through etc.


Any suggestions or comments are welcomed, I've got some spare 250GB SSDs and some 4TB data drives to add in for storage for plex (2 x 250GB for Cache, and 3 x 4TB SATA for data/parity.


Thanks all - really impressed by what unRAID can do.



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No drives on list/post, most important part :) - Motherboard is overkill, unless you need thunderbolt? You can buy a dual port 10gbe PCIe card for cheap. I have heard bad things about 12th gen Intel with unraid but look into that yourself.


personal preference but the Noctua dh15 is way more set and forget compared to flashy aio CPU cooler

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Thanks for getting back to me. 

Drives I've got already are just sata drives pulled from external drives and a couple sata evo 250gb ssd.

Good point regarding the mainboard ill look into a more basic atx then just an extra nic card.

Cpu cooler i was just looking for something water cooled and reasonable price.

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