Unraid not restarting after clean shutdown by APC UPS

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I'm having a strange issue I can't figure out and I'd appreciate any advice. 

I have bought an APC UPS, connected it to unraid and set up the daemon fine, if I unplug the UPS from the mains it shuts down cleanly at the battery level I've selected. When I then plug the power back in the UPS status light turns solid green but the server doesn't power up. If I press the power button it starts fine. 


However, I have the bios set correctly to boot when power is supplied. If I plug the server into the mains without the UPS and flick the power at the wall outlet it powers up and boots unraid. 



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You should check the setting "Turn off UPS after shutdown:" does UPS will shutdown and resume once power return.

But if AC mains resume before that time, then UPS power still never interrupt to trigger PC automatic power on.



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