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  1. It hasn't gone round in a circle, it's helped me to understand if I had anything set incorrectly or if there was a way to resolve it. My router is locked to my ISP's DNS server and has no way to turn rebinding off
  2. That is strange... When I first added the plugin I got the rebinding error... I tried to provision the certificate about 30 minutes later and it work.. The hash address worked and remote access worked for about a day... Then I started to get the error. Seems like my router is rebinding but intermittently? (there is no setting for it in the router) I'll just have to leave ssl off, thanks for all the help
  3. Hi Hi, No, I get an error message - ping request could not find host. Please check the name and try again
  4. Hi, Thank you for taking the time to reply... The problem I'm having is when unraid redirects to I get the this website can't be reached error. The only way I can access my server is then through
  5. I opened port 4433 and used the redirect on the settings page, that comes back with a green tick when I check it
  6. I have, but that refers to an issue with provisioning the certificate which I did with no issue. Also I get this error even using the local link in the dashboard so I assumed it wasn't a rebinding issue?
  7. Hi, I have installed the plugin, I have ssl set to auto, I have provisioned the ssl certificate and forwarded the port correctly, activated remote access with no issues but I only show as having local access on the dashboard and if I try the long hash address for the service I get a This site can’t be reached error, I can only access my server by typing the local ip with https:// at the front. Any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks
  8. Ignore me... I was being dumb... The mover tuner was stopping the move! Thanks for the reply
  9. Hi, I have installed the plugin on unraid 6.9.1 I have both local and remote access working, no mater which I try the move now button on the main tab or in the mover section of the scheduler results in the page refreshing and the mover not starting. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  10. I've sort of fixed it.... After googling the problem I decided to try ngnix proxy manager instead of swag. It is very easy to configure and it simply works, maybe give that a try
  11. Hi all, I'm trying to use swag to reverse proxy into photoview but keep getting the bad gateway error, does anyone know what template to use for the conf file? I tried editing the radarr one but clearly somethings not right
  12. I have let's encrypt working well with the pre configured dockers like sonarr, deluge etc but I would like to add rdp-calibre and/or cops ebook servers to the reverse proxy and in all honesty I haven't got a clue how... I've tried renaming and editing some of the existing examples but they don't seem to work.. I'm using my own domain name.
  13. I'm not sure I'm asking this in the right place so apologies if it belongs elsewhere.. I have opnevpn docker setup and working perfectly, I have the open vpn client on my android phone setup and conecting as it should. What I would like to do if possible is have the openvpn server connect to either my privoxy or to my private internet access socks5 proxy. I'm trying to achieve the situation where I can connect the android openvpn client to my home server, browse and use the local network as it works at present, but also then forward any other web pages/searches to the provoxy or private internet access. This is to avoid having to disconnect and reconect my openvpn connection. I don't know how to go about this, or if it is even possible. Any advice is much appreciated