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  1. I'm getting these error messages too, except mine does connect. Although yesterday, the internet went out for a few hours, when it came back I had to restart the container for it to connect so I checked the logs.
  2. Ok, for anyone having issues with the latest update - I downgraded by changing repository to "linuxserver/transmission:3.00-r0-ls71" - stopped the transmission container - then I had to re-enter my username/password in settings.json. you may not have to do this, i think i had to because i was trying to get the latest version to work and was messing around with settings - start the container
  3. You have to stop the container before editing settings. Otherwise, transmission will overwrite any settings when it shuts down and potentially while it's running. I've also experienced rpc issues with the latest update. Been trying to downgrade, but now I can't get authenticated when it was previously enabled and working fine.
  4. how could I install this on the host server? as in not in a docker container, but on the machine running unraid? if I have to turn off docker, or take the array offline, this zerotier docker will be turned off and I won't be able to access the server remotely.
  5. Has anyone had issues with using this with time machine on a mac? Time Machine is able to see the smb drive, and I'm able to select it to use it, but it's not able to sync. Well... after several retries and days, it was able to write 26 MB to it, out of 200 GB. I was able to sync to Time Machine before without using zerotier if I was on the same network as unraid. I also connected an external hard drive to my computer and it Time Machine was able to use and fully backup within a few hours. Any ideas?
  6. That did it! Thank you for your help and taking the time to debug this
  7. getting the SESSION_MANAGER error again [services.d] starting app... [app] starting intel-gpu-tools... [services.d] done. Failed to connect to session manager: Failed to connect to the session manager: SESSION_MANAGER environment variable not defined
  8. I removed it from extra params and got the same error Not sure if this helps but, I don't know if USER_ID=99 is correct for me. That's just a setting I saw on someone else's setup. Without it, it gives me an error saying it needs USER_ID.
  9. I'm getting that error too, but I can see `/dev/dri` and plex is using hw transcode.
  10. Thanks for this, I have this same setup. But I have torrents running most of the time, so it's rare for drives to be spun down. I just changed it for both sets of fans to depend on the CPU temperature, is this a good option? I've noticed that most of the time hard drives won't get too hot, even when I'm transferring a lot, or during a parity check. So this should be safe?
  11. Not sure if this belongs in this thread but, is there a way to get docker release notes? Right now, I'd have to click to open the context menu, then select "Project Page" if it has one, which isn't always related to the docker image update, and then dig through the site to find them. Can this plugin send that information through notifications?
  12. Is it fine to run a computer on high load like this for a long time? I'm asking because I really don't know, just built my first unraid server about a month ago. For now I've set it at 50% cpu and it's running at 55-60 C.
  13. Same. I selected my unraid computer on my mac client, but previous to that it was running on my mac. Is it still installed and running on my mac too?
  14. My issue with getting this to work was that I needed to login to the network share as a specific user with r/w rights to the share, and not as simply a guest as it was doing.