Unraid 6.10.3 - Unstable / Crashes / Parity Check has trouble finishing

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I've been seeing some instability with my server since upgrading to 6.10. Sometimes the web UI becomes unresponsive, sometimes the server crashes and I have to reboot it, and quite frequently the parity check doesn't finish and I'm unable to cancel it requiring a reboot.


I'm hoping someone can look at the diagnostics and let me know if this is 6.10 related or some sort of coincidental hardware issue. These diagnostics were downloaded after parity check slowed to a crawl and wouldn't let me cancel. When I tried to reboot the server using the webUI it didn't work and I had to do a hard reset.


I didn't have any issues like this on the latest 6.9 version.




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I'll add that I can't quite remember if these issues began with an upgrade to 6.10.x or with a USB key failure, but both happened around the same time.


I replaced the USB key using a backup which was saved to my array nightly. Is it possible that the drive was failing over some time, and that some if its data was corrupted when backed up, and now that corrupted data on the new USB is causing wonky behaviour?

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