[SOLVED] Rsync between 2 unraid @ 10MB/s?

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General instructions on how to mount shares seem to be here:  http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=19503.0


I found I first had to create a new account on both systems - with the same password (when I used the "root" account, I got a permission denied (13) error).


Created a new account called "filemove" on both systems, then from Tower1, I ran TelNet and entered:


mkdir /mnt/tower2_tv


Then I entered:


mount -t cifs -o sec=ntlm,user=filemove,password=mypassword //tower2/tv /mnt/tower2_tv


Hope this helps someone.



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I just want to add that with the direct rsync method and a unRAID v6.2 (b20) setup without a parity disk I get write speeds of up to 95 MB/s from another unRAID server. So this is really sweet if you're migrating or backing up a unRAID server to another one. Adding parity will probably have an impact on the write speeds, but with the new Turbo Write option this maybe minimal.

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Fantastic that this thread is still alive. Using it again and I forgot how I did this ;)


Thanks to the update by @wolferI99


Haha no kidding.


I started reading the thread, all happy that I found it, ready to try it out. Then on page 3, boom, I saw a comment by me, I guess I had already done this several years ago lol.


Which vitamins do I take for long term memory again?

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