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  1. Thanks, this fixed the issue! Torrents are also uploading, does this mean the incoming port works? Speeds are 300-600 kbps (on popular torrents) which is nothing compared to the 14 MB/s I get using newsgroups. Maybe I'll try PIA for a month and see if speeds improve. Thank you very much! [edit] I'm getting about 7 MB/s with PIA . Too bad about the remaining 4 months @ PureVPN though
  2. http://pastebin.com/b936urz2 Thanks for looking into this.
  3. Yes, this is what I gathered from the error in the log. Is it possible to somehow get some more debugging info? I enabled debug in the settings hoping I would get a more verbose log, but nothing changed. I also tried attaching to the Docker container, but I cannot get a terminal.
  4. Hi! Thanks for this great docker container! It installed correctly and after tweaking the config (and finding the correct credentials for my PureVPN provider) the container starts and I can access the Deluge webui. However, I cannot get Deluge to download torrents. They are stuck at 0% and 0.0 kbps. When I look at the log I find these lines suspect, but don't know how to fix it. 2016-04-30 08:42:03,190 DEBG 'start-script' stderr output: RTNETLINK answers: File exists 2016-04-30 08:42:03,191 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: Sat Apr 30 08:42:03 2016 ERROR: Linux route add command failed: external program exited with error status: 2 Sat Apr 30 08:42:03 2016 Initialization Sequence Completed 2016-04-30 08:42:03,575 DEBG 'webui-script' stdout output: [info] Starting Deluge webui... Any suggestions?
  5. Have you got anything working since then? I'm interested in using a similar setup just for a cache disk, so I can have all my 6 SATA ports for array disks.
  6. Sure, no problem. If I'm able to fix the script myself I'll create a pull request.
  7. Yes, everything is included. But I think the plugin script does not run correctly on 6.2 beta, so the packages are not installed and the files don't get copied.
  8. libzen.so.0.0.0 and libmediainfo.so.0.0.0
  9. It's possible, I have only tested these on versions up to 6.1.9. Alright, thanks! I found that I had to manually install all the packages from your dependencies archive. After this Couchpotato would install nicely, but Sonarr also required two files for Mediainfo to be copied and symlinked into /usr/lib64
  10. Could it be that these plugins are somehow incompatible with unRAID 6.2 (beta21)? Whatever I try, I keep getting 'Install failed: install file missing' for the CouchPotato plugin, and 'MediaInfo Version:NOT WORKING' for Sonarr. I've removed the '/mnt/cache/.PhAzE-Common/', rebooted, uninstalled the plugin, all multiple times. NZBGet is working though...
  11. I just want to add that with the direct rsync method and a unRAID v6.2 (b20) setup without a parity disk I get write speeds of up to 95 MB/s from another unRAID server. So this is really sweet if you're migrating or backing up a unRAID server to another one. Adding parity will probably have an impact on the write speeds, but with the new Turbo Write option this maybe minimal.
  12. I've been using unRAID on my USB stick for a while now (4 years) and feel it's been cluttered with obsolete files, configurations and old applications. If I were to format the drive and perform a clean install/copy of unRAID on the thumb drive, what files would I need to backup and copy to make sure my configuration and license maintains valid? Thanks
  13. The rc5-r8168 release works fine on my Realtek 8111DL onboard LAN, although I can't say that I really had any issues with the normal driver. However, it seems like the webUI is much more responsive, don't know if it's related.
  14. Guys, I can get a Nexus Edge pretty cheap. It has 9 5.25" bays, but they are tool-less, meaning I will have to attach those sliders to the harddisk bays. Does any one know if that will work? In general, or specific to this case. I got those ridiculously cheap Norco 5-in-3 non-hotswapping bays, which where a pita to mount in my Lian Li PC-A17 case.
  15. I'm not sure if Limetech is sticking to the definitions of beta and release candidates. When in beta, you can add/remove/change functionality in software, that's what beta's are for. But once RC-status has been reached, you should only fix bugs, and leave new and/or updated functionality to a new release. I really think it's better if 5.0 would go final, and push all other things to 5.1+. It's been a long time coming....