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No Dockers after cache drive upgrade

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I've just upgraded my cache drive following these instructions found here

  • Stop all running Dockers/VMs
  • Settings -> VM Manager: disable VMs and click apply
  • Settings -> Docker: disable Docker and click apply
  • Click on Shares and change to "Yes" all cache shares with "Use cache disk:" set to "Only" or "Prefer"
  • Check that there's enough free space on the array and invoke the mover by clicking "Move Now" on the Main page
  • When the mover finishes check that your cache is empty (any files on the cache root will not be moved as they are not part of any share)
  • Stop array, replace cache device, assign it, start array and format new cache device (if needed), check that it's using the filesystem you want
  • Click on Shares and change to "Prefer" all shares that you want moved back to cache
  • On the Main page click "Move Now"
  • When the mover finishes re-enable Docker and VMs


When I re-enabled Docker, it was empty.   I say a comment on another thread that you can just re-add them via CA previous apps.  I tried this with a single docker and after the reinstall, the docker was running the default config not the config it was running before the upgrade.

Before I try anything else and possibly make things worse does anyone have any wisdom that could get me out of this hole.


I'm generating the diagnostics now, does it normally take a long time?  Been running about 30 minutes so far.

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I've rerun Mover with logging now enabled.

New diagnostics attached

The share is still showing some appdata content on array disks. but only a few bytes on 1 drive and a few KB on the other.

There are a few SVG files deep in the Krusader directory, a cookie file in the QdirStat dir and a mongodb-27117.sock file under unifi controller.  Could I manually move these files over manually?  TBH, other than maybe the unifi controller file, the rest are not important and I can redeploy those later if needed.





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