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[6.11.3] REISERFS errors


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My system was rebuilding a drive today when I noticed my syslog was full.  When I looked at it, I saw a bunch of errors saying

REISERFS error (device md1): vs-5150 search_by_key: invalid format found in block 1001443464. Fsck?


I stopped the rebuild, started in maintenance mode and  ran reiserfsck --check /dev/md1. The final output said 

16 found corruptions can be fixed only when running with --rebuild-tree


I have 2 questions. 

  1. which disk is this?  Does md1 map to sda?  If so, thats my flash drive, which is definitely not formatted as REISERFS.  If it's sdb, then it's one of my two parity drives.  That sounds scary.
  2. The wiki says to be very careful with this command and I was wondering if you guys thought it would be safe/recommended to run?


I'll attach the full output from the reiserfsck as well as the diagnostics zip. 


Thanks in advance!

jabba-diagnostics-20221118-1441.zip reiserfsck_output.txt

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