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ASUS WRX80 onboard NICs won't do 2500mbps

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I have Unraid 6.10.4 on an ASUS WRX80 PRO WIFI. Both of the onboard NICs are supposed to go up to 10gbps. I have a 2.5gbps switch and both NICs will only do 1000mbps or lower for some reason. I've tried 3 brand new Cat 6a cables and from the switch to my modem show 2.5gbps but the WRX80 to the switch trying those same 3 short cables only do 1gbps. 


Rebooting doesn't help. 

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I looked at your Diagnostics file.  The ethtool.txt file (in the system folder of your Diagnostics file)  indicates that you have a 4 port 10Gb Intel NIC installed and they are capable of 'doing' 10Gb/s.  You have ports eth0 and eth1 connected to a switch.   However, the negotiated speed is 1000Mb/s for those ports.  This would imply that there is a problem on the switch side of the equation...

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The 2.5Gb Switch has no issues with other 2.5Gb ethernet ports. I've tried them all. It's only the 2 10Gb Ethernet ports on this motherboard I am having issues with. The other 2 10Gb ports are SPF+ and I can't find my SFP+ to RJ-45 adapter so I can't use them yet. 


I even tried another 2.5Gb switch and same results.


Is there a chance this could be a CPU mounting issue preventing those ports from working properly since this is an LGA type CPU? I do have a weird issue with one of my PCIe slots where it bricks the BIOS if I set the slot to 4x4x4x4 and use the included ASUS Hyper NVMe card.

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If it works with Win10 is suggests a Linux in tree driver issue, problem is that the Intel Linux out of tree drivers usually cause different issues, best bet it to wait for a newer release with a newer in tree driver, soon also there should be an option to easily install out of tree drivers with Unraid, so you can then try those.

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At least the dual 10G SFP+ card I have installed works at 10G so I just reordered the Network card settings in Unraid to use that card instead.  Hopefully new Linus drivers come out to fix the issue. I would expect some weird no name network card not work properly but an Intel NIC not working properly seems unusual. At least my motherboard has plenty of PCIe slots to go around. 

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