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Problems with changed hardware


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Hi all,

I recently changed the server hardware a bit and am now facing a massive problem. I switched from an older Intel board/cpu to a not so old Gigabyte AX370 board with an AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core @ 3200 MHz. Performance was brilliant for some days so I started some care taking. My HDDs are still reiserfs and as suggested I started to migrate to xfs. I added a blank HDD and started to move data.

To speed up the file transfer I unassigned the parity drive temporarily. VM is deactivated, Docker containers are all down and I deactivated SMB to make sure there are no file operations.

Nevertheless, after a while the server stops running. Maybe within 2 - 3 hours. From that moment I cannot access the WebIF neither can I ssh into console. The server is even not pingable nor visible in the router device overview. I do have a monitor attached that continuously shows  messages I do not understand. After resetting the server the same happens again and again.

After a restart I took a look at the logs but can only see data since the latest restart. Is there a place I can access older logs?

Did I miss something mandatory after the hardware change? This is not the first time I changed hardware. The server is running for many many years now and maybe 6 years ago I switched the board and CPU from AMD to Intel. No problems then but unfortunately now.


Actually I have no idea what to check and I'm really looking for any advice.






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