My Servers cant view docker web ui

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Hi, My first post and I have tried searching for the above issue.


I have followed Spaceinvader One video on setting up My Server and that works as expected as it always does with his clear videos.


I can login from out side my network, see the main screen, reboot, spin down etc and see my dockers.


I am trying to access docker web ui and the address bar has the server ip and port for the docker im trying to access but it just times out


What am I missing? Do each of the dockers I want to access need a port forward?


Many thanks... marco

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Are you doing this remotely.


Multiple problems (and not an easy solution) with doing this and something I brought up a few years ago.


Your best bet is to actually either use a real reverse proxy with appropriate forwarding for your apps (eg: SWAG), or alternatively create a barebones VM that uses VNC.  The VNC VM is accessible remotely via MyServers and from it's browser you can then access any of the docker containers installed.

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Cheers Squid


Yes I am accessing remotley.


Was hoping i had missed a check box or somthing 😆


I will work through the above info you have given me and see how I get on. I can access the server to reboot and update etc so thats a start.


All started when my wife tried to remote access radarr and sonnar from her phone where I had saved them as faviourites in her browser to add some downloads because I hadnt explained it was local only. Thought My Server might have been the solution but seems I have more to look at.


Thanks for the pointers 👍

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