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Performance problem & How to view file accesses via SMB


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My array was doing something. I have no clue what exactly. It was pulling 3.5-ish MB/s reads and writes from somewhere, simultaneously on a single disk.


So my SMB shares performance was *terrible* because of this. Normally it's basically as fast as the harddisks can manage. Just now, even so much as opening a directory took seconds.


The harddisks this time are not SMR, and I am indeed on 10Gb ethernet all the way. But I'm not even doing anything via the network! I'm not accessing or reading or writing anything, unless something was doing something somewhere somehow in the background, or something. What was it doing?


Can I see somewhere, which files are being read & written to? This will at least hint towards if something is broken, some rogue process is bollocksing up, or whatever else.


Diagnostics was captured at the time the array was being slow. Not sure if it helps anything though:


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Okay, so there's no way to see what is being accessed?


Just saying I really don't like to trial&error such things. The OS does know what it being done to which device (I mean, how could it not?), but the question is how well this is exposed via tools/API, and after that, via the unRAID GUI.

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