Docker - Differents informations between the template and the interface

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Dear Community,

I am a new user of unraid and am in the middle of testing the solution, which I find very interesting.
When using "Apps" for container deployment, I notice some deviations between what I enter in the template and what finally appears on the interface.

For example:





but application accessible and template well fullfilled:




Opened ports are mentioned


but not the ones used on the templates, again that's works well:



More generaly when I used an non templated ports, the information is not well displayed on the interface.


Has anyone ever had to deal with this case ?


Operationally it is not annoying, since technically it works, but it is somewhat disturbing.
Thanks for your help

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Thanks @trurl


From my understanding of mapping, I have it:




But for exemple Kopia is empty in terms of Port Mappings but the template is fullfileld:



For mosquitto and qBittorent ports are not the ones used on the template.


Do I miss something ?

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38 minutes ago, trurl said:

for custom networks no host ports are involved.

Ok clear in fact that's pretty normal.


But If may just one question, all my docker are on the same network meaning the same as "Kopia" (


Kopia is empty, but all others are fullfiled with their dedicated IPs... that's a bit strange no ?


Exemple with Mosquitto:



Same interface, port mappings are displayed, and port mentionned is 1883.

But in my template, I've not mentionned any ports:



Where the information (port 1883) came from ? 

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