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6.11.5 A RED error - warning - notification


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I am getting a "bunker" - warning about some md5 file corruptions, even though the most recent parity check ended with 0 errors.


What can I do now ? Is there is a log file, in which I can see the files listed that are corrupt, please tell me where to find it. Will a XFS file system check reveal the corrupt files and maybe even correct them ?


cheers alex 


Bunker notify.png

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Thx, I found a plethora of log files but most of them (and their entries) are referring to duplicate hash entries - from the time before I shrank my array to less but bigger physical disks.


Can I search for a specific string in all of that files that will point me to the defective files ?


And how do U get rid of the of duplicate entries ? Deleting the log files after I got rid of the corrupted ones ? 


I am no nix expert - so I am not familiar with the grep command .... 😕 


cheers - alex

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