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DL380 G9 Server

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On 1/21/2023 at 12:20 AM, kcmccombs said:

how to turn off the raid configuration

I believe you need to boot the machine using an HPE SUM disk (Smart Update Manager), this will allow you to get to the RAID configuration page - here you can switch the controller to HBA mode, which means all the disks will be presented to the operating system in their raw state with no hardware RAID capability.


You can only access the 'confgure' page using the SUM disk, not from the IP (Intelligent Provisioning) manager.


If you don't do this, you need to create a RAID0 array for each individual disk so they are presented to UnRAID.


I am running some DL380 G8's, and I am 95% sure the G9's have the same setup options.

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8 hours ago, kcmccombs said:

Hey thanks any certain key strike to get to this thanks again 


The SUM isn't accessible by a key stroke... it is on a USB key and needs to be booted to it. The file should be downloaded from HPE, but I think you need an active support contract to be able to download it. The file you require, I believe, is 'P35935_001_spp-2020.09.0-SPP2020090.2020_0901.114.iso' - hope this helps.

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I am not aware of any specific instructions for disabling RAID on a DL380 G9 server to use Unraid, but the process may be similar to other servers. You can try the following steps:

Enter the server's BIOS by pressing F9 or F10 during startup.

Locate the RAID configuration settings, which may be found under a menu such as "Advanced," "Storage," or "System Configuration."

Disable the RAID configuration, which may be done by selecting "RAID Off" or a similar option.

Save your changes and exit the BIOS.

Please be aware that disabling RAID may erase all data on the drives, so it's important to backup your data before proceeding.

As for the HPE support contract, HPE does offer support options for their hardware. You can contact HPE or a reseller for more information about obtaining a support contract for your server.

Regarding purchasing the server off of amazon, if you did purchase it from a third party seller, it may not be covered under HPE warranty or support. You can try contacting HPE support to check if they can provide support for the server. Easiest way to reach an expert is to talk to some one on the HPE Community Responses are usually sent with in a Day or so.

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Incase OP is still trying to work this out. I have unraid up and running on 3 x DL380 G9's.


Note: This will only work if you have the correct Raid Controller installed. My ones have the Smart Array P840 Controller and it worked. Your milage will vary depending on what configuration the server has.

- You need to get a hold of the SPP iso, boot into it and go to the Smart Array Configurator. (I don't know if you can do this via the CLI menu)

- Erase all RAID arrays or (you can choose "Clear configuration" option) 

- Choose "Enable HBA Mode" under the device 


- Reboot server.

- Profit...I mean, install Unraid and do what you want from here :)


Main thing that caught me out before was not deleting and/or clearing the arrays configured first as the Enable HBA mode is not there until you've done this.

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update with controller details
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I am using 380 gen9 to install unraid. Currently, the HBA has been turned on and u.2 has also been installed. You may need to upgrade your SPP and other components. Because I have been using it for three years, I have forgotten what components need to be installed. The basic functions are all available. At present, I have always doubted whether there is a problem with the drive, but so far, it is very stable, especially in IO. HPE is super awesome!

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